Seed Exploration

Two-Session Program Options

(choose two, approx. 30 minutes each)


  • In-depth seed study (compare, touch, look, sort, count) and Movement Activity
  • Seed Planting
  • Build-A-Plant
  • Prepare healthy snack featuring seeds


This Seed Exploration program was developed based on lessons through the Garden Residency pilot.  Because seeds are so remarkable and can be the basis to build many skills important in early childhood and beyond, I offer programming focused on these amazing life-starters!

Standard Offerings

As providers, you are welcome to create your own seed exploration program length including any of these "standard offerings".  I would also really enjoy collaborating to create a seed-themed lesson that I haven't listed.

Please contact me when you are interested in learning more about Seed Exploration programming!

Pricing structure is based on individual facility needs and will be arranged prior to programming.

One Session Program Options

(approx. 30-60 min)

  • Explore 2-3 different seeds (compare, touch, look)
  • Movement Activity
  • Seed Planting


  • Explore and Plant 1 seed (touch, look)
  • Movement Activity


  • Explore 2-10 different seeds (compare, count, touch, look)
  • Movement Activity
  • Taste 1-2 seeds