March-October 2017 Sparkles! Early Learning Academy, Fairfax, VA

Garden and Seasonal Food lessons once a week throughout the local growing season.  Lessons ranged from edible art, planting seeds and seedlings, sprouting seeds, to a local apple taste test


May 2016 Sparkles! Early Learning Academy, Fairfax, VA

A 9-session program for 3/4s and PreK classrooms.  Lessons included "My Plate", "Build-a-Plant", fresh vegetable tasting, planting seeds into garden boxes, creating "lasagna gardens", and using recycling collected by children to increase available planting space.

Recent Programs

The first 30 minute consultation is always FREE!  Ongoing collaboration charges vary. 

Contact me for more information on how I can support you in growing gardens!

Garden Support for Providers

Support staff to find and implement an appropriate curriculum already in existence.

Logistical help to create a space to grow plants indoors or outdoors.

Conduct parent education sessions on home gardening with their preschoolers, including how it may impact consumption of fruits and veggies.

Some other ways I might support you and your garden program:


April 13, 2016 AlphaBet Cooperative Preschool, Manassas, VA

Collaborated with VP of Education to create a stand alone planting experience in the school's donated planting boxes.  We decided on herb transplants and flower transplants and seeds for their resiliency since it was near the end of school year and regular maintenance would be limited. 


May-December 2017 Kidstretch Preschool and Childcare Center, Falls Church, VA

Twice-a-month garden and food lessons based around chosen foods to grow in their garden and seeds they had started in the wintertime.  Topics ranged from garden stories, edible art, seed planting, to a Harvest Feast for families prepared and served by the children.

As care providers, you have a unique opportunity to have an important impact on the lives of many young children and their families.  Gardens are a multifaceted tool allowing for growth of not only plants but also strong, healthy minds and bodies. 

I offer guidance for all stages of a garden program's development, from the beginning brainstorming sessions to engaging with the wider community to more fully incorporating the garden into your daily lessons.

If you are interested in specific programming, visit the Garden Residency or Seed Exploration pages for more information.  Training and presentation information can be found under Wellness.

View my 2016 article about childcare gardens ConsultantsCornerSpring2016.docx

Conduct lessons with the children to start a classroom window garden.

Provide consultation during the creation of your own program.