Consultation fees typically range from $10-$20 hour and are agreed upon before first meeting.

Contact me to schedule your first consult.

I look forward to hearing about your garden dreams!

Ongoing consultation may include assisting with garden maintenance, troubleshooting issues that come up during the growing season, or providing guidance on preserving the harvest.

During your first consultation we could brainstorm what to plant, select seeds, plan the layout of your space, or discuss specific topics you would find helpful.

Families who garden together, grow together! 

From planting in a single container on a window sill to planting many square feet in your yard, growing food or flowers can be a great, healthy family activity!  If you are a gardening rookie or want to try a a new angle on your regular garden routine, I am here to support your efforts!

Here are some consultation ideas:

Garden Consultation for Families