Some of my most influential professional experiences are

  • Creating and piloting a Garden Residency program for 3 year old and 4 year old children in a child development center
  • Coordinating cooking and gardening classes for middle school students who prepared a feast for their families
  • Interviewing community health workers and documenting the great impact of their work
  • Teaching outdoor science on the ocean coast and investigating the natural world around us
  • Supporting statewide early childhood home visiting programs that provide a much needed service to hundreds of families
  • Working in a Montessori school learning a true form of child-centered education

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For a more formal work and volunteer history:

For over a decade my work has supported strong, healthy children and their families.

Through providing high-quality childcare for over five years in northern Virginia, I have witnessed a wide range of strategies families use to thrive and make their way in the world.

While teaching children in schools and outdoors in Indiana, Oregon, Michigan, and Virginia, I have observed how learning something new and sharing it with others energizes children and adults.

Since 2009, my travels around the country working on organic farms growing flowers, fruits, and herbs have reinforced my belief in our shared responsibility to take care of the Earth in order to take care of ourselves. 

All of these experiences strengthen my resolve to continue doing all I can to care for the future of our people and our planet.

April Schmidt

Master of Public Health

Maternal and Child Health and Community Health Education

Child Care Health Consultant

I believe we all have a responsibility to create a healthy, enriching, supportive environment in which children can grow and thrive to reach their full potential.

Nurturing Growth was created to frame that belief with action.

Some of my most influential coursework and trainings have focused on

  • Growing Healthy Eaters Training
  • Food and Nutrition Policy
  • Community Organization
  • Child Care Health Consultant Training
  • Educational Psychology
  • Health Communication: Theory and Practice
  • Clinical and Cultural Issues in Reproductive Health
  • Community Nutrition
  • Child Health and Development
  • Infant Massage Training
  • The Best Start in Life:Early Childhood Development for Sustainable Development